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6. Special operations

During the game you can use a variety of special operations to help your town or to disrupt your enemies. We devide this kind of operations into two section:

- Town operations, operations that benefit you town.
- Aggressive operations, operations that hinder your enemy.

When you want to perform a special operation you always need a agent to do so. Also each operation will cost you a certain amount of operation energy.

Operation level

By doing aggressive operations you gain experience points, if you have a certain amount of experience points you go up 1 level in your operation level. Your operation level infuence the chance an operation will be a success or a failure.

The formula for experience needed to level your operation level is:

10 * (operation level * operation level) + 1

For example:
Level 1 - 11 xp needed
Level 2 - 41 xp needed
Level 3 - 91 xp needed
Level 4 - 161 xp needed

Operation experience

You can gain operation experience by performing operations against other towns or locations or by performing government missions.

Operation energy

Each tick your town will receive an certain amount of operation energy. With operation energy you can perform all different kind of special operations. Each operation will require a different amount of energy.

The formula for receiving new operation energy: 70 + (operation level * 5) each tick

Max amount of energy you can store: 1600 + (operation level * 200)


Defcon states the awarness of your town against enemy activity, with a higher defcon level security matters will be increased giving you a better protection against enemy operations.

1. Normal No extra defence against special operations.
2. Normal, Increased intelligence Little extra defence against special operations.
3. Increased force readiness Extra defence against special operations.
4. Further Increased force readiness Heavy extra defence against special operations.
5. Maximum force readiness Everyone in your village is aware of aggression against your town, extreme extra defence against special operations.

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