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4. Fairground

On the fairground you can buy and sell goods. Also the latest regional news and events are visible here.

The Market system is based on an ask and demand basis. The more a resource is bought, the higher the price will go.

The more a certain resource is sold, the price will go down again.

The Outbreak - Fairground market

Each time you buy from the market, you will pay 10 cash transaction cost. The amount of goods you can buy is limited to 10k for each transaction.

Buy from - The price you pay to buy goods from the market.
Sell to - The price you receive when you sell goods to the market.

Black market

The player who owns the fairground can choose to make the 'black market' available for every player in the area. When the black market is active, players can buy 'Poison', 'Carbombs', 'Missles' and 'C4' on the fairground. This resources are needed to perform certain special operations.

Latest News and hot topics!

Here you will find the latest events that have happened in your area. To make a difference between a couple of type events, we have introduced a color scheme.

Normal - Neutral events.
Green - Events that have a good effect.
Orange - Events involving clan activity.
Red - Events that have a bad effect.


Here is where issued bounties can be found. Bounties are issued by other players through the government, this way they can keep their identity hidden.

How to collect a bounty?

A bounty is automatically collected by the first town who completed the demanded task. When their are multiple bounties on a single town demanding the same task, automatically the highest reward will granted to the player who completed the task first. You cannot collect bounties put on towns you have an alliance with.

What does buyout do?

When their is a bounty contract issued on your town, the government is allowing you to buy out the contract.
When you buy out a contract you need to pay 3 times the reward amount and the bounty will dissapear from the list.

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