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Entry #1 - The beginning

It's been a month now, a month since all contact with the outside World ceased. Communication was always a bit dodgy, that's what you get for living in the middle of nowhere' well, middle of nowhere was home for us. We were hardly able to receive any national radio stations' hell, even the local ones were hard to find. And cell phones, ha' you were lucky to get a signal on a satellite phone. No, the news that something had gone horribly wrong hit us when the supply line stopped. No more trucks with food and other supplies arrived. After a week, our stashes were almost empty, we had to leave' but where to?

That's just the start of the whole story, the next two weeks were even worse. Because we already had little supplies left, we scavenged the land' taking everything we could find, even useless stuff. We came through deserted towns and trailer parks. Here and there some more survivors joined our group, others just walked into a completely different direction. We both told each other the same: 'that way, oh' there's nothing there.'

But then'. Then we met a small group of people. In shock they seemed, it was only a few days ago. They had been walking through the heat for days on end with nothing to sustain them, a breathing carcass almost. We managed to patch them up a little, it's amazing what a little water and some sugar can do to a depleted body. One of them told us the real news' well, it was 3 weeks old but news to us. It was pretty shocking.

There had been some form of attack, or something like that. People in the cities were dying by the thousands. As if someone released a plague on speed or something. Anarchy now reigned the lands, most of the heavily populated areas were completely wiped out. It sounded really hard to believe, at first I thought they would continue with zombies and other horror movie stuff, but it wasn't like that. It did somewhat explain the sudden stop in supplies.

And now'. Now we're here, in some small agricultural village about a month away from home. There should be a larger city nearby but I'm not going to risk it' what if the plague still lingers there, or whatever it was. We got most of the things we need here, some farmer left a grain silo half full when he left' when everybody left I guess, we didn't find any dead persons here. Our group is small, we can actually make a living with the grain from the silo. We can even use it to grow new harvests and continue to survive here. I've also spotted some wildlife in the area' and some not so wildlife, escaped cows make for easy target practice.

Every day is now another day of survival, most of the people now look to me' as I was the one who spotted the town on an old map. And off course I had to find that grain silo' and shoot a cow for some meat. Now they believe I can fix this whole crisis'

Entry #2 - Safety first