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Entry #2 - Safety first

Well, so far for being the man who can fix this whole crisis. My old neighbour and close friend Phillip thought the people here needed a break. So he got me elected as mayor of the town. And off course, this had to be celebrated.

There was a big party that night, with a barbeque and some moonshine one of the old-timers had been brewing in a barn. He thought it was a big secret, but everybody knew... how else could he be drunk everyday when no one brought a case of beers during our trip from the old town.

During the party I thought I would return the favour to Phillip and half drunk I promoted the guy to sheriff of the town. Not that he knew anything about law and order, but that didn’t seem like a big deal at the moment. That all changed pretty quickly when the first people started to go back to their homes and shelters.

Suddenly, there was a loud scream and a loud “pop” as if someone lighted a fire cracker. Phillip quickly realized that it wasn’t small fireworks, but small arms fire. We ran out onto the streets and heard a horse galloping away. We only caught a glimpse of a figure in the night fleeing out of town. We quickly turned to the person who screamed, the shot only glanced her shoulder. She was lucky.

Phillip pulled me out of the shelter, looked at me. We took a short walk and discussed what we were to do about this. Since he was now sheriff he was in charge of security, but I couldn’t just dump that load of his shoulders. We needed some people who knew how to handle situations like this, maybe some of the people who joined us along the way could help. Next morning we organized a town meeting at the main square in front of the town hall.

It turned out some of these guys were in the national reserve, they had guns and everything. Besides that, some of the townsfolk suggested we needed some sort of civil protection squad, a town militia. Somebody mentioned that the town needed a name, why nobody else had thought of that I don’t know, but he was right. After discussing that everybody settled with the name of “New Hope”. After that Phillip and I started drafting the men and women for the “New Hope Militia”. The guys from the national reserve became the “New Hope Protection Squad” and were directly commanded by sheriff Phillip. They were now, alongside the militia squad, in charge of security. Next time someone thinks of robbing us he won’t be getting away with it.

Now I can focus on the needs of the people, most of them don’t have a real home yet. It’s time to build a proper house of every family. We have some trees around town and a few old farm buildings that can be scrapped for materials. That should do the trick to keep everyone happy, for a little while.

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