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Entry #6 - Time to strike!

There were a lot of happy faces as we finally got back to town. The story about a military base still in operation had calmed the nerves of the townsfolk a little. But there were less joyful reports for me to wrestle through. In the days that I spent at the base, the town got its first taste of these “raiding officers”. A small hunting party encounter 5 men dressed in military uniforms, the hunters thought these were Jacksons men. As the hunters approached then uniformed men, another 5 jumped out of the brushes around them. They came home empty handed, being pretty lucky to have survived the ordeal.

The next day a car was spotted driving around the town perimeter. The men on watch reported that the vehicle was obviously scouting out the towns strong- and weak points. With this new threat at hand, the plan to assault the police station that the raiders use as a base might be easier to sell to the people. Especially now that the military will support us.

And I was right. Hardly anyone really objected to the fact that these ‘raiding officers’ had to be dealt with. The fact that the military were going to support us with a APC and a squat of men only strengthened the resolve of the towns forces. The women weren’t happy about the fact that their men were going into combat, but they realized that it had to be done for the safety of the town. I’ve send Phillip out to bring the good news to our new friend Jackson.

The next few days were spent preparing for the attack. Some rudimentary armour was welded to a few pickup trucks to better protect the men inside during the approach. The ex army reserves would go in alongside Jackson’s men. Trying to hide the APC in the dust cloud behind the trucks. Several of our best marksmen from the civil militia would go in on a different set of trucks and provide long range support fire. During these preparations, Phillip returned to town, followed by the APC. Jackson was with his men. He was a true frontline commander, wishing to join the operation and lead his men to victory. He was also eager to meet our forces and brought a little present for them. Two light machine guns to mount on the trucks. He was also happy to report that the main cannon on the APC was fully operational and ready for action.

The plan was simple, at first we would send a few scouts to look over the perimeter, to look for weak spots. Once a good breach point is identified, the cavalry would be called in. The 2 armoured pickups will lead the advance, the APC will hide in the dust cloud. Trying to remain undetected for as long as possible. Far behind that, 2 other pickups would function as mobile platforms for the hunter force. As soon as the ‘officers’ spot the APC and realize that they’re being attacked, the main gun will open fire and try to pulverize one of the buildings walls. The resulting should cause enough confusion for us to breach the perimeter and take over the building, clearing it out floor by floor and rid the area of the ‘raiding officers’.

The first scouts will set out tomorrow and if everything goes as planned, the raiding officers will be dealt with by the end of the week.

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