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Entry #8 - Going in

I joined Jackson in the APC. He was operating the radio, the breach teams were just about to kick in the first doors. The soldiers were split into three squads, Alpha would enter through the front door and would most likely face the heaviest resistance. Beta entered through the ruined side of the building, trying to outflank any fortifications near the front entrance. Delta would go around the back and through the buildings garage. From there they should take out the rear guard and cut off any reinforcements to the front entrance.

Through the cracking sound of radio static, the squads began their final radio checks. “Beta squad, in position”, “Alpha squad, ready”, Delta squad, ready”. “Go”, ordered Jackson. Alpha squad was to place explosives on the front door to blow it open. The short radio message “Fire in the hole” followed by a loud explosion marked the start for the operation.

From the APC we were only able to see Beta enter the building through the ruins, we could hear a heavy gunfight erupt from the front entrance of the building. The static noise of the radio was quickly replaced by frantic updates from all teams. “Alpha here, facing heavy resistance. Get a grenade through that door”, “Beta here, hostiles spotted, opening fire, *sound of gunfire*, hostiles neutralized”.

“Delta”, Jackson said, “What’s your status”. “Vehicle garage is clear, moving towards the workshops side door.” Another explosion came from the front door as a grenade blew up one of the entrenched positions inside the building. “Alpha squad, move, move, move, get in there. And get some suppressive fire on the left side of the corridor.”

“Delta here, we won’t have to worry about reinforcements. We just took over the cantina, multiple hostiles down or detained, moving towards the left side office wing.”

“Beta reporting in, Alpha squad, be advised, we are coming up on the right flank.”

“Roger that Beta.”

“Delta squad here, we’re pinned down halfway through the office wing, 2 men down, in need of assistance.”

“Hold on Delta, we’re almost done here.”

“Jackson here, Beta squad, clear the rest of the main corridor. Alpha, hit the left office wing.”

“Beta here, Roger that.”

“Alpha squad, going in, *heavy gunfire*, clear”

“Delta squad, reporting in, no more hostiles”

“Beta reporting, main corridor clear.”

“Jackson here, good work men, ground floor is clear. All squads, casualty report.”

“Alpha here, 2 men wounded, no life threatening injuries.”

“Delta here, 2 men down here in the office wing, one is seriously wounded but stable”

“Beta reporting one minor injury, Dickens twisted his knee while we were coming in through the ruined side entrance. By the way, we’ve found some stairs leading up to the 1st floor and down into the basements.”

“Good work, Beta,” Jackson replied, “Alpha and Delta, regroup with Beta and await further orders.”

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