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Unique Buildings For Things.

Posted January 03 2018 - 07:16
The Outbreak is missing something, even with car bombs or poison population.
A raw break down of low tech fighting.
I want to introduce some buildings that you can build upon reaching
some sort of condition or just found randomly.

So here are some "structures" that we are able to build primitively,
it will get the job done no matter how inhuman it is.

Makeshift pit spike traps
Makeshift Pit spike traps /w scats (or human feces)
Makeshift minefields
Makeshift bear traps
Tamed/captrued Dogs or bears or honey badger
Booby trap dead animal/human bodies
Booby trap resources
Electric barbwire
Cat traps
Hidden pillbox
Hidden tunnels/caves


All these can be used to defend your territory.

Just some small suggestions,
any other suggestions are welcomed.