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Posted September 30 2017 - 16:54
These logs were found in an abandon facility, located in America, ████████. Dating back to ██████

Not all of these logs were found is pristine shape, some of them were cut off and burned.

Only identifyable readings will be displayed.

Log 1, Date ██████

... with the support from The Foundation and █████████. We will be in good hiding
For the rest of our journey to find the ██████ for it.

Log 19, Date ██████

... transmutations needs farther testings. Subject ███ and ███.
Where able to sustain longer than normal testing phase...

Log ███, Date 20██

... procedure has gone marvelously towards our goal... installing a k][] and an [] sw[]
will be our next steps. The strange metals we discovered in ████ or we call them ██████.
Has gift us an idea. Using its ██████ property we can tune the █████████ to █████████
with time. Now we need just replicate it.

Log 85, Date 20██

Project █████████ is now _____....
R___ ____ as it sends out ____ will be able to _____.
If we w___ will be our plan. There is no cure only
a "kill" switch, that stops it.

Voice Log. (found in of the safety rooms)

Log 423

** Who ever will find this please you need to do what I am telling you. It is 2039.
A group no two groups of agents is now... "a fire fight can be heard" they did a good job finding the last sample.
you need to go to the ██████ radio tower that is located in ████████████ "explosion"
All you ne....d to do is find the red notes on the ██████ "explosion" Voice log terminated **

Posted October 03 2017 - 01:03
So... were the attackers the CI or Sarkists?
Posted October 29 2017 - 18:18
Posted November 05 2017 - 00:47
Posted January 30 2018 - 04:20
This post will be continue to be updated with more reports coming in from _____
As more scavengers are able to find and our
recovering team able to recover the missing Logs.