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Posted September 30 2017 - 16:54
These logs were found in an abandon facility, located in America, ████████. Dating back to ██████

Not all of these logs were found is pristine shape, some of them were cut off and burned.

Only identifyable readings will be displayed.

Log 1, Date ██████

... with the support from The Foundation and █████████. We will be in good hiding
For the rest of our journey to find the ██████ for it.

Log 19, Date ██████

... transmutations needs farther testings. Subject ███ and ███.
Where able to sustain longer than normal testing phase...

Log ███, Date 20██

... procedure has gone marvelously towards our goal... installing a k][] and an [] sw[]
will be our next steps. The strange metals we discovered in ████ or we call them ██████.
Has gift us an idea. Using its ██████ property we can tune the █████████ to █████████
with time. Now we need just replicate it.

Log 85, Date 20██

Project █████████ is now ready to begin....
DR██████ is now sending out ██████ will be able to.
If we ██████ ██████ it will be our plan. There is no...

Voice Log. (found in one of the destroyed safety rooms)

Log 3██

** This is test ████ from our study, our feeters are now a normal occurrence when injected with ████ and ████
And so with the solution being ████ and not able to.. what I am recording!?... (sounds of bottles smashed and silent)
Voice log terminated **

Log 3██

** This is commander █████ according to our scouts we are able to relocate to our other safe houses. Who knew
the crazy baster brought ██ multiples of them... Oh right we should be safe for now. The next relocation of our
Lab will be on ██████ so get ready your stuff and report to your management if there is a problem. We know there
are multiple groups that is destroying our working labs and our dummy ones. Our data shows they are much well equiped
to take on our right now low man power facility. So we need to work fast gentlemen. Now we have our representative form
the Foundation to speak... Voice log terminated **

Log 423

** Who ever will find this please you need to do what I am telling you. It is 2039.
A group no two groups of agents is now... "a fire fight can be heard" they did a good job finding the last sample.
you need to go to the radio tower that is located in ████████████ "explosion"
All you ne....d to do is find the red notes on the ██████ "explosion" Voice log terminated **

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So... were the attackers the CI or Sarkists?
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This post will be continue to be updated with more reports coming in from _____