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Ammunition >.> the heck is that ?

Posted August 30 2017 - 08:01
Edit 1.22, update Sept 14st

Guns is hard to find, that includes bullets. I want to suggest a new currency; ammunition.

Why? Well right now it is easy to start a war. And we need to make it more difficult.

(Why do we want win war, not because they are easy but because they are hard. )

1. Scout, calculate how much you need to beat the other town.
2. Sabotage, destroy bunkers.
3. Well .. ya and then go for kill.

Information is so easy these days. By scouting you know exactly what your opponent have. And you act upon that.
Not a lot of major unforeseen issue will halt the advance of your war efforts.But these changes might, at least try.

How ammunition will work.

1. There must have a set amount of ammunition that each attacking convoy need.

2. There must be a storage facility,which we can build, for the bullets and explosives.

3. People will have a specific options, in operations, of finding the ammunition facility; you can destroy some once you do or steal some.

4. For simplicity's sake, you can reduce the amount of income of your resources; and for exchange, ammunition.
(For now this will stay, later on we can build some kind of machine shop to crate the ammunition)

5. If the gun does not have bullets, it is useless. There will be huge penalty when an army don't have enough ammunition.

Later on we can add more stuff.

2.1 We can build a secure storage room for stashing ammunition, flammables, and explosive.

3.1 After finding a stash of ammunition you are given the choice of destroying it, destroying it and blame it one someone,

Steal some back, or smuggle duds in the mix of ammunition.

3.2 Smuggle duds in the mix will decrease the exp gain and the attack/defense bounce in the next 3 day/hour. (It can be staked)

3.2a Smuggle duds will require another check of O.P.(The initial infiltration and the smuggling, it will be harder)

6. Your troops needs ammunition to train or to maintain. There will be a medium use of ammunition when solders are training with low def-con; if there is a

High level of def-con the training will intensify, using high amount of ammunition.

6.1 Maintain => a very slow gaining speed of exp for your soldier.

Stop training => starts off a slow exp loss, scaling to high exp lost everyday.

High Def-con training => a slow gaining speed, scaling to high exp gain for 30 days(30 hours).

6.2 Exp of troops it will be the same as how op exp works. The higher the exp the more bounce of attack and defense,

and also decrease death rate. And increase kill rate.

7. You can Trade ammunition :D You can make ammunition for your friends and foes. *You can even send ammunition that are duds* "hint hint" :^)

7.1 They can identify if the ammunition are duds if their troops exp are higher than those who give them.

8. There will be tiers ammunition(for now we will have 3):

Tier 1 ammunition will be easy to find and be purchased from the markets (government and black market)

"for all low caliber firearms, like what militias, police, and agents."

Tier 2 ammunition will be little hard to find and can be purchased only from black market "There can be many auctions for it"

"for high caliber firearms, like upgraded agents, soldier, and bikers"

Tier 3 ammunition cannot be scavenged, there will only be in the black market auction, price will be high. Can be steal from gov. mili. base.

"for mortars ... ya"

Posted August 30 2017 - 18:48
i could see this making war way more interesting, because right now its just use your mortars and wild cards to just wreck your enemy's town. But if you were to make the mortar ammunition rare that would totally change the feel of war. It force the attacker to use the mortars in shorter time spans then just hitting the town over and over again.
Posted August 31 2017 - 05:07
i have no problem with this except for were is the brass,lead,gun powder,and the other bits come from
Posted August 31 2017 - 09:41
Interesting idea, ofcourse we now have the army supply counter which is provides supplies for you army. But perhaps we need to increase this number.

Im always a bit carefull with introducing new resources, since we already have plenty, but i realize that when you get a good hung on this game, they are a bit easy to get. Perhaps we should introduce some changes there.

For next round im going to balance a few current numbers again so any idea's on this are welcome. Also im thinking on making it more difficult to get good infiltrate results by 'hiding' numbers. Making it much harder to get a good overview of your enemy.

Posted September 01 2017 - 20:20
Thanks for the feed back I will keep working on this as long I have the time. :)
Posted September 15 2017 - 16:13
I'm wondering if it will work for all types, i'm also wondering if there is a new update on this where there is new army to recruit.
Posted September 17 2017 - 16:40
I like to keep posts separate to ensure the clear understanding between subjects.
I will be removing Units from this post and update on my newer post. You can see it over at my
newest post will all the suggestions; that targets the recruitment of man power.